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Impact of Covid 19 on food

Impact of Covid 19 on food

When I was growing up, I used to like food, but I would not say that I could be classed as a great food lover. My transition into a ‘foodie’ happened, when I got married into a family whowere hard-core foodies and my waistline became a proof of that in the later years.

When cooking food, I have always followed my mum’s advice – to always make food straight from the heart and use fresh & good ingredients. Cooking with fresh ingredients always adds flavour to any dish, which unfortunately can be a problem in today’s world as we all experience effects of COVID-19.

Going forward, I believe that the current COVID-19 crisis will change our relationship with food as well as ourfood behaviours, as people will now procure, prepare and enjoy the food that they will eat in a different way. Due to lockdowns, closing borders etc, people are now respecting and buying more products oflocal produce. With due thanks to the online platforms, so many people are taking up cooking, baking etc, chefs are sharing expert tips & recipes, which are turning meals into delicious experiences. Families are now preparing meals & eating meals together and kids are learning new cooking & baking skills.

I know these (COVID-19) are stressful times, but if we look at the positives, this certainly helps make the COVID-19 journey a little less stressful.

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