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Chick Peas 2 Kg

Chick Peas 2 Kg


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Brand: Heera / TRS / East End

Pack Size: 2kg

Chickpeas are nutritious seeds which are high in protein and fibre. Other names for chickpeas are gram, Bengal gram or garbanzo. You can make chickpeas by Roasting them, adding them to dishes or Mixing them with cooked greens.

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Weight 2000 kg
Ms.  Singh
Ms. Singh
Spices from India direct, savouries and spice mixes. Great service and very quick delivery. Love that Tumps Up is available :)
Geetanjali Sawant-Shinde
Geetanjali Sawant-Shinde
Very nice products specially Spices. Good expiry date and quality. Quick response to customer queries. Delivery was very quick.